Ana Luísa

Littel Red Riding Hood
This is a classic children’s story. I’ve illustrated it several times and with different materials, so the challenge of transporting Capuchinho to these socks was another opportunity not to be missed. From the beginning, I intended these socks to have two readings and generate some questioning around the relationship between the two characters. The choice of color palette, for me, is very important because it is what will facilitate the reading of the image so simplified that a drawing on this scale requires.

This design had two phases with the first one being essentially an exploration of the technical tools and the concept of creating a garden and the second version being the one that generated almost automatically after the first intensive research phase. It had everything to do with the color and shape of the flowers on which we see a very tiny character hopping around. This was above all a challenge of abstraction and simplification without forgetting that there must be a legible and strong representation. I’m super satisfied with the result!

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